What are the functions of electronic class card?

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1. school publicity: fully display the characteristics of school education and teaching, teachers, news trends, and student style.

2. interactive communication: to build a practical and convenient platform for teachers, parents and children to learn, grow, communicate and interact;

3. Education Department: provide convenient teaching management office tools for schools and teachers, and improve the level of school information management;

4. intelligent application: integrate intelligent hardware into the campus information application scene to create a real intelligent campus;

5. extracurricular development: rich teaching content resources, so that children can develop special features, increase knowledge and develop intelligence in the after-school time;

6. class name display: displays grade, class and class identification;

7. class style display: such as class activities, teachers and students' style, class meeting video, student speech, student evaluation, composition display;

8. electronic curriculum table: it can collect curriculum information from campus system in real time, or input curriculum information manually, including course name, teacher, current course, next course, etc.

9. public information display: time and weather forecast;

10. notice information display: for example, leave notice, school news, class adjustment information, and object finding notice;

11. publicity of examination site: all classrooms are connected together, and the name, number of people, time and precautions of the examination site shall be published uniformly;

12. touch interactive display: students can check and browse the contents of class cards through touch interaction, thus increasing the collective honor and learning enthusiasm of students. For example, excellent composition watching, students own photos, videos, campus self-organized websites, etc.

13. attendance record: it can be integrated with the campus card swiping system to display attendance in class automatically.

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