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Shenzhen Heijin Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen l located in the national science and technology business incubator) Silver Star Hi tech Industrial Park, park a total construction area of about 100 thousand square meters, is a focus on Yu Zhihui education information of high-tech production enterprises, currently has the engineering department, production center, software development department, domestic sales center, sales center, overseas comprehensive service department, financial department, project operation Department and other 8 major departments, the main products SUPER BOARD remote asset management software, interactive whiteboard and software, LCD touch one machine and software, interactive whiteboard machine and software, central controller, digital real booth, multimedia speakers, desk, infrared touch module.

Through the company's long-term efforts, it has established business partnerships with Microsoft, Panasonic, Casio, Hitachi, Epson, Lenovo, Tongfang, Founder, Huawei, Digital China, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and other companies, and is constantly increasing global competition force. 

The company is early in the country is committed to the VR (virtual reality) consumer products extended to education, tourism, medical, construction and other applications. The application of key generic technologies such as information physics system, standardization, information security, sensor, control and visualization information digital platform in industry 4 is also discussed.

The company's office area is a 5A office building. It is located in the central development axis of Longhua New District. It is located at the exit of Meiguan Expressway Guanlan, west of Meiguan Expressway and Jihe Expressway, north of Guanlan Sightseeing Avenue, and 20 minutes drive from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. 15 minutes drive from downtown Shenzhen, convenient transportation, in order to provide employees with a good working office environment, equipped with a public service platform (central air conditioning, training, entrepreneurial coffee, specialty catering, apartments, transportation facilities, secretarial services, legal service stations, Financial service station, talent service station, super front desk, e-commerce, intellectual property agency, venture capital institution, intellectual property service station) and public technology platform (public laboratory, public test platform, public technology development system), and employees Canteens, shuttle buses, dormitories, and public meeting rooms, training rooms and other mature packages.

In the future, the company will further expand the product line, becoming the world's leading intelligent service system integrator, providing quality one-stop service.

Development history

Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Customer satisfaction is 1. Everything else is 0 behind; without 1, no more 0 behind is meaningless!

Corporate culture

We advocate equality for all, we advocate happy attitude to serve every customer, proud of customer satisfaction.

Corporate culture

We advocate an innovative and efficient office culture. We hate lengthy meetings and processes and play our part in a relaxed working atmosphere.


If there is a problem with Google's development, it must be because we have not recruited the smartest talent.

——Google founder: Larry Page

Join us, work happily together, and open a new chapter in your life.

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