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STboard (Brand Interpretation Smart Teaching) is a leading supplier of technology and resources in the education field, providing outstanding smart education solutions to the global education sector, including global teachers and students from pre-school education to higher education. , Including the examination committee, the central government and other professional institutions.

Mainly engaged in medium and super large size education display touch terminal (55-120 inches), conference display touch terminal (55-120 inches), smart teaching blackboard (75-100 inches), campus security service solutions, smart campus solutions, and informatization Platform solutions, teaching-related products and equipment research and development, production, sales and technical services.

The core members of the company come from a master and doctoral team with cutting-edge research in the industry. The team has achieved a number of high-level research results in the field of touch technology and human-computer interaction applications and engineering. The key technologies have reached the international advanced level. The series of products and key technologies developed have complete Independent intellectual property rights.

The company has developed a variety of products and widely used in the market: one-key alarm, teaching all-in-one, 3D teaching all-in-one, intelligent meeting all-in-one, smart blackboard all-in-one, electronic class board, attendance and temperature measurement all-in-one, wireless booth , Video analysis all-in-one machine, non-sense attendance all-in-one machine, smart visitor machine, parking machine, smart conference screen, etc., and can be customized and developed according to needs, providing users with one-stop intelligent manufacturing services.

In 2019, the company passed the certification of high-tech enterprises, and at the same time passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and intellectual property management standards. 

The company fully integrates the resource advantages of intelligent manufacturing and high-end design in the Pearl River Delta, coordinates the upstream and downstream industrial chains, is committed to the civilianization, industrialization promotion and equipment research and development of a series of technological achievements, integrates upstream and downstream advanced technologies and products, and provides users with complete Technical solutions, undertaking industrial design, reverse engineering, vocational education, vocational skills and education and training services, and providing digital modeling and digital display services for the cultural, protection, cultural and creative industry.

Our mission is to help people all over the world improve their life opportunities by providing high-quality educational products and services. These products and services can help teachers improve their teaching and learning. Support the work of the school and its education community (educators, students and families) to improve the quality of learning and create a happy learning experience.

We firmly believe that our work will help improve the quality of education and narrow the gap between education and technology!

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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Customer satisfaction is 1. Everything else is 0 behind; without 1, no more 0 behind is meaningless!

Corporate culture

We advocate equality for all, we advocate happy attitude to serve every customer, proud of customer satisfaction.

Corporate culture

We advocate an innovative and efficient office culture. We hate lengthy meetings and processes and play our part in a relaxed working atmosphere.


If there is a problem with Google's development, it must be because we have not recruited the smartest talent.

——Google founder: Larry Page

Join us, work happily together, and open a new chapter in your life.

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