What is electronic class card?

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1. through the unified management of electronic class card equipment and background management software, the intelligent class card can realize the functions of class card display, attendance status summary display, class table display, excellent standard display, campus notice display, class culture picture display, questionnaire survey and other functions.

2. for senior students, we focus on designing electronic class management system to solve the core problems of students' class selection. This is also an important project for the school to adapt to the reform of college entrance examination enrollment, and is an urgent educational and teaching tool for the school after implementing the "class walking system".

3. through rich and friendly human-computer interface, students can query class information, goods collection information, etc. The terminal also shows the campus culture, collective honor and personal style to students, gradually create a rich, healthy and sunny extracurricular atmosphere, deeply rooted in the people's hearts, and plays a positive and effective role in moral education and burden reduction in the school.

4. in terms of expansion, we designed a rich function expansibility, which can be linked to various application systems such as school multimedia classroom management system, dormitory entrance and exit management system, examination room management system, meeting sign in management system, access control management system and other application systems.

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