What "wisdom" does the intelligent interactive blackboard have?

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The essence of information technology is to serve education and teaching. With the popularization and application of information technology, the problems in education and teaching have been well alleviated. In order to meet the needs of students and teachers, great changes have taken place in teaching equipment and teaching methods.

"Education informatization 2.0 action plan" clearly points out that "we should continue to promote the deep integration of information technology and education, build an integrated" Internet Education "platform, and accelerate the construction of education modernization and education power." With the development of education informatization 2.0 policy, the teaching needs of schools are constantly upgrading. Blackboard is a necessity of education and teaching. Starting from the traditional blackboard, through the iteration of electronic whiteboard and touch all-in-one machine, intelligent interactive blackboard with traditional chalk writing and touch screen interactive teaching function has become an important trend in the future.

But in terms of teachers, all kinds of information equipment can not be interconnected and the operation is complex, which will greatly increase the difficulty of teachers and the idle rate of equipment. In the aspect of students, not only does "light pollution" affect students' eyesight, but also students can't accept the teacher's content timely and effectively in class.

How to solve these problems of teachers and students? The emergence of intelligent interactive blackboard not only effectively solves the above problems, but also brings a new teaching experience, which makes it easy for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Intelligent interactive blackboard adopts infrared / capacitive touch technology, which integrates traditional blackboard, large screen display, touch interaction, OPS computer, audio, Internet of things and other related equipment, giving full play to its technical advantages. It fully meets the operation requirements of teachers for high-frequency switching of various devices, and all the functions commonly used by teachers can be achieved with one key, which is convenient to use and completely in line with their own teaching habits. Equipped with intelligent and convenient hardware structure and powerful and accurate software application, it can change the traditional teaching methods, improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, and reduce the teaching burden of teachers.

Blackboard adopts integrated lamination technology, millisecond response speed, sensitive pressure sensing, high touch writing accuracy, farewell to levitation, and smoother experience. At the same time, the blackboard has the functions of multimedia teaching and chalk writing. The distance between the chalk and the LCD screen is 0 mm, and the touch of writing is exactly the same as that of the blackboard. The integrated panel design improves the brightness and contrast, and the viewing angle reaches 178, showing wider viewing angle, higher transmittance and higher image quality. In addition, it also has ultra-high strength and ultra-high wear resistance, so as to achieve impact resistance and splash resistance, and effectively ensure the safety of use.

In order to meet the traditional writing habits of teachers, the blackboard supports a variety of writing methods, such as chalk, water pen and so on. It's very convenient for teachers to write and draw on the blackboard. Every stroke is free and easy, without frustration. It's very sensitive, just like writing on paper.

To solve the problem of "light pollution" mentioned above, the blackboard starts from two aspects: color gamut and eye protection. First, the gamut is increased to 90%, which makes the color of the picture more vivid, rich, delicate and beautiful; 4K high-quality display, complete display details, teachers and students have a more comfortable viewing experience. At the same time, in order to protect the eyesight of teachers and students, the LED chip on the blackboard screen is adjusted to effectively filter 90% of the short wave blue light, so as to protect the eyesight of teachers and students from the source. The presentation of intelligent interaction has changed the situation that the rigid blackboard writing and projection can only present one-way, lack of communication and communication. It makes the classroom teaching more vivid, forms an interactive and cooperative teaching environment, and realizes the perfect combination of information technology and classroom teaching.

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