How does the human body temperature measuring machine measure the temperature

Release time:2021-06-11   Browse times:7657
Human body temperature measuring machine is widely used in office buildings, factories, construction sites, scenic spots, schools and other places of identification and temperature screening. So how does the human body temperature measuring machine measure temperature?

The human body temperature measuring machine should be installed in a suitable place. In order to avoid the influence of environmental temperature on human body temperature measurement and improve the accuracy of temperature measurement, it is suggested that the human body temperature measuring machine should be installed indoors. Set the temperature threshold, find out hot people, timely and accurately find people.

As everyone knows, novel coronavirus pneumonia may be a suspected case with a body temperature above 37.3. The software sets 37.3 as the alarm temperature in the background, when the personnel temperature is higher than 37.3, it cannot enter the automatic alarm, and the data is pushed to the background to prompt the staff to respond quickly.

We should also pay attention to whether the temperature setting is reasonable. The temperature measurement distance is the key parameter. The recommended distance is 40-50cm to realize accurate identification and temperature measurement, and the interference of short distance temperature measurement is very small. The working temperature of the temperature measuring equipment is (- 10-60), and the appropriate working temperature ensures the long-term, stable and high-speed operation of the temperature measuring equipment, so as to realize all-weather uninterrupted temperature measurement.

The whole process of non-contact face brushing temperature measurement is realized, and the dynamic face recognition and comparison are carried out at the same time. It has the functions of intelligent temperature measurement, binocular live detection, abnormal body temperature alarm, mask detection and so on. Support mask recognition detection to prevent virus spreading; Equipped with software management platform, data automatically uploaded to the background, convenient to query regulatory data and temperature changes, fully grasp the temperature status of field personnel.

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