Competition between intelligent interactive blackboard and traditional blackboard

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Traditional teaching mode: a classroom, a teacher, a row of students in the "one person classroom" class. The teacher filled the whole room according to the script. Students sit still, focus on the whole process, and wander around. This education model is called "cramming".

The subversive change of teaching method in the Internet era has realized the seamless connection between teachers' teaching methods and students' learning interests. In the process of teaching, the two-way interaction between teachers and students enhances the emotional exchange between teachers and students. Through the students interested in various online media teaching, improve the students' learning motivation.

Benefits of Smart Interactive blackboard:

1. more abundant teaching resources

As the main body of teaching, teachers share their accumulated teaching materials with students through network platform, and constantly update teaching resources to make them perfect; In order to let students learn more than our school curriculum, we can also upload some excellent courses from famous schools at home and abroad to the database for students to learn, thus opening up the students' vision and ideas.

2. expand teaching time and space

Students can use the interactive teaching platform to preview the content to learn before class and consolidate their knowledge after class. Students' learning time is no longer limited to the classroom, the learning place is no longer limited to the classroom, and the interaction with teachers is more flexible.

3. integrate knowledge and information

The teaching resources in the network interactive platform include the diversity of knowledge and information resources in teaching. The teaching content can be improved at any time according to the teaching requirements and teaching plan. Teachers' teaching is not only to impart knowledge, but to integrate teaching through various knowledge and information resources.

4. develop students' autonomous learning ability

With the expansion of teaching time and space, students can learn according to their own needs, communicate with teachers at any time, change passive learning into active learning, and cultivate students' innovative ability and independent thinking ability.

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