How to select display screen for large conference display screen

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LCD splicing screen, LED display, projector, meeting display how to select large screen. We need to understand from the viewing distance, price, display effect and so on.

LCD splicing screen: LCD panel is suitable for close viewing, high definition, wide view angle and high resolution; Projectors are usually viewed at close distances, but far away: for example, large conference room projections, the audience behind may not see clearly. If you use LEDs indoors, you need to use small spacing LEDs. If the large distance led such as P10 is used, there will be long-distance blur, which needs to display high-resolution and high resolution, so it is necessary to select small spacing led for indoor use.

Secondly, the resolution of LED screen is determined by the distance between points. LED used for indoor display is generally below P3. Although the resolution is not up to high-definition display, it is better than projector.

In the case of small and medium-sized conference rooms, the projector price is low (transparent price, simple connection, but part of the service life is not high, and the comprehensive use cost is not low); Secondly, LCD splicing screen, if 55 inch 3.5mm splicing is selected, it can reach 10000 per flat;. Then there is led display (if you choose products with small spacing, such as those below p2.0, the price will be between 10000 and 30000 / flat).

The resolution of the indoor LED display is determined by the resolution of the screen, which is also directly related to the display technology. In this respect, liquid crystal technology has natural advantages. For example, the resolution of one screen like LCD splicing screen reaches 1920 * 1080, and 4K display can be realized by 4 splicing. Therefore, LCD splicing screen has high definition and good texture.

The definition of difference is projection. I believe most users who have contacted know that the image presented by projector will have snowflake feeling and the picture will be white.

Brightness determines the contrast between the screen and natural light and light. The higher the brightness of the screen, the less reflective it will be compared to light. At this point, the brightness of LED screen is very high, which is one of the main reasons for most outdoor large screens to use LED. So in indoor environment, LED screen brightness is also high, but in indoor environment, high brightness is not necessarily an advantage, because indoor light is not usually so strong. If the screen brightness is too high, it will cause glare and is not suitable for close viewing.

In contrast, the brightness of LCD splicing screen is more moderate, lower than LED screen, higher than projection. And the brightness of industrial LCD panel is higher than that of TV. The purpose is to solve the problem of reflection and to be more suitable for indoor use.

But the projector is very low in brightness, so we usually need to pull curtains and turn off the lights when we use it, otherwise we will not be able to see the contents of the screen because of reflection.

The effect of the same image on projector, LCD splicing screen and LED screen is completely different. In addition to clarity and brightness, the direct difference is the difference between color saturation and contrast.

In color display, LCD mosaic screen is rich in color, followed by LED and projection, so whether it is playing video or picture, the effect of LCD display is very good.

Product upgrading and extension: projector can only transmit signals on one computer, while LCD splicing screen and LED are more expensive, but it supports synchronous input of multiple computer signal sources, and can switch display at will, which is more intelligent and networked.

Generally speaking, if the complex display requirements of later stage are not considered, projector can be considered, which is easier to install. To have a good display effect, we should consider LCD mosaic screen (high definition picture quality, meet the requirements of low gray, low brightness and other complex display). If you are viewing from a long distance in a large conference room, it is recommended to use LED displays.

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