This paper briefly introduces the functions of the education all in one machine

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The all-in-one education machine has powerful functions and is welcomed by teachers and students. The following is a brief introduction and summary of the functions of the all-in-one education machine

1. Play the courseware

Education all in one machine can play PPT, PDF, word and other common document formats. Teachers can easily explain their own courseware, use the prepared electronic courseware, teachers can click to see the required teaching content at a glance, and can freely choose and switch. It saves the trouble of using chalk to write questions and answers one by one, saves time for teachers and improves teaching efficiency.

2. Whiteboard software is convenient for teaching

Educational all-in-one machine is usually used with professional whiteboard software, which can replace the function of blackboard. In addition, whiteboard software also has geometry, measuring ruler and other commonly used teaching tools. It was different to draw on the blackboard with chalk before. Teachers only need to click a mouse to realize the rotation and change of 3D graphics. Students can see different perspective effects of graphics from different directions.

3. Enrich teaching methods and subjects

As we all know, the all-in-one education machine has the function of connecting to the Internet, so that it can make full use of network resources, create a large number of scenes such as pictures, sounds and so on, vividly and interestingly simulate and present real life scenes, communicate with life and classroom, enrich learning content, and cultivate students' ability to find and solve problems. Enhance the vitality of the classroom, stimulate students' interest in learning, make students more active in learning, improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.

4. Available teaching resources

"Education all-in-one machine" can share educational resources and optimize the use of teaching resources. Using the FTP system in the school, each teacher collects teaching resources (related teaching reference materials, such as images, pictures, animation, music, characters, etc.) The FTP system of the school is introduced and shared by the whole school. Teachers can also find teaching resources in the network center or other machines equipped with FTP system, which can be displayed, played or printed.


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