What is the large screen of conference display

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As we all know, there are many kinds of LED displays, and different applications use different LED displays. What kind of LED display screen do we usually see?

With the development of the times, the requirement of large screen in conference room is higher and higher. In the past, traditional projectors simply could not meet the needs of many companies. High definition LED display or LCD splicing screen and other products became the preferred choice.

The LED display installed in the conference room is usually very close to the viewing distance. Pay attention to the selection of LED display type. At present, P2, p2.5 and P3 are the most widely used indoor, followed by the small spacing LED display below P2. Here, P refers to the pixel spacing of the LED display module, and the unit is mm. For example, the LED display screen of P3 will have good visual effect when viewed from 3 meters or beyond, and blur and ripple will appear when viewed from less than 3 meters.

The meeting room is generally close to watch, and the distance is generally about two meters, which is convenient for meeting. Therefore, the conference rooms around P2 are usually equipped with indoor full-color LED display. Assuming that your budget is adequate and the required LED display is slightly higher, you can consider P2's small spacing LED display. Otherwise, I personally think P2, p2.5 and P3 have the highest comprehensive cost performance.

Moreover, the installation of LED display is not calculated according to a square, but according to all the costs of the whole project. Of course, the larger the installation area, the greater the cost, which is beyond doubt.


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