What are the advantages of intelligent interactive blackboard compared with traditional whiteboard?

Release time:2021-05-26   Browse times:14714

Intelligent interactive blackboard is a set of teaching equipment developed according to the current popular trend of intelligent teaching. It integrates the interactive screen and blackboard completely. Different from the traditional whiteboard or projector teaching, the intelligent interactive blackboard can switch between the screen and the blackboard quickly and freely without pulling the blackboard or the white screen.

In the aspect of equipment simplification, the intelligent interactive blackboard integrates blackboard, host and screen, and is equipped with high-performance processor. There is no need for special control host, which saves classroom space. In the past, whiteboard teaching directly used computer control system, and the teaching method was single and boring. The intelligent interactive blackboard optimizes the system, and customizes a special user interface system according to the teaching needs, which can provide students with more intuitive visual teaching. At the same time, intelligent interactive blackboard does not abandon the advantages of traditional teaching. Blackboard surface supports chalk, ink pen and other writing methods, but whiteboard can't. In a word, intelligent interactive blackboard makes use of the existing advanced technology to organically combine teaching and intelligent multimedia to make a set of solutions, which are more suitable for modern teaching regardless of the cost.


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