Face recognition all-in-one machine opens the era of face brushing

Release time:2021-05-19   Browse times:13926

With the development of science and technology, face recognition technology is more and more mature, and the application scope of intelligent face recognition machine is more and more extensive. For example, it can be seen in companies, communities, schools, units and some high-end office buildings. As an increasingly popular intelligent device, face recognition machine has been widely used in financial security, criminal investigation, network security and other fields, playing a unique and irreplaceable role.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's security concept is also constantly improving, which brings a huge market for the application of social public security. Face recognition machine replaces the traditional personnel management mode. The working principle of face recognition machine is based on human facial features, first face the front of the face, and then verify the size of the face and the location information of the main facial organs in different positions of the face. Based on this information, the identity features of each face are further extracted and compared with the known faces to recognize the identity of each face.

In companies, communities, schools, offices and other places, the use of face recognition machine's "brush face" function will effectively prevent all unidentified people from entering and create a safe environment for all places. In addition, for the property, having an all-in-one face recognition machine is not only conducive to efficient management, but also can improve the high-end atmosphere of the place.


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