The use of LCD advertising machine in different places

Release time:2021-05-12   Browse times:8824
In the past two years, the market situation of LCD advertising players has been gratifying. On the one hand, various technological innovations have created many new functions; on the other hand, market demand has increased. For example, in the construction of smart cities, large-scale use of LCD advertising machines, large-scale sports events such as the Brazil World Cup, large-scale use of large-scale LCD advertising machines to hold various large-scale conferences and events. The personnel of various enterprises and institutions are very optimistic about the future LCD advertising machine market.



      According to the information of LCD advertising machine manufacturers, with the increase in outdoor advertising market demand, the outdoor applications of LCD advertising machines are increasing rapidly. There are more and more LCD advertising machine manufacturers, especially mature interactive technology, which gives advertisers enough Information has enabled them to invest more and more in this field. Related agencies predict that by the end of 2018, the transaction volume of outdoor digital advertising will increase from 2.5 billion U.S. dollars to 4.6 billion U.S. dollars.

   Based on the huge market potential of LCD advertising players, there are many participating companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which has led to increasingly fierce competition. Low market concentration, no leading companies, no stable brand structure, and incomplete development of the industrial chain, this also provides companies with greater market opportunities. In the future, the LCD advertising machine industry will face a new round of market competition, such as industry integration, new capital intervention and industry mergers and acquisitions.

  The somatosensory technology of the game, naked eye 3D, data analysis technology, etc. It began to penetrate into the field of LCD advertising machines, which promoted the development of LCD advertising machine systems in the direction of interaction and intelligence; with the wide application of LCD advertising machines in different industries, the lag of content services has become more and more obvious. Some brands have begun to make up for their shortcomings through acquisitions or technology introduction, provide content templates that meet the characteristics of the industry, improve the premium ability of brand products, and promote the LCD advertising machine industry from the "product is king" era to "content is king" era.

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