Why use the conference display screen?

Release time:2021-05-06   Browse times:10512
Video conference has become the norm of our daily work, and the conference display screen is the basic equipment. Video conferencing can be simple or complex. The simplest is the smartphone. In the complex multi person to multi person environment, a video conference solution including camera, microphone and screen is needed.


When building video conference solutions, many people only consider the capture of video and audio, and ignore the viewing effect. Therefore, video conference is full of problems: the screen is too small, people sitting in the distance can't see the content on the screen, and it's very troublesome to switch PPT and conference screen frequently. We need not only a dedicated camera and microphone, but also an excellent conference display large screen device.


Many people hold mobile phones, tablets and laptops for video conferencing, but when they return to the office, these personal devices are no longer suitable for video conferencing, because in the office, video conferencing is mainly multi-human to multi-person, and large screen equipment is required for meeting display compared with display and TV.

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