The advantages of all-in-one education machine!

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With the progress of science and technology, the all-in-one education machine gives full play to its unique advantages. Educational all-in-one machine makes full use of network technology and multimedia technology, with interactive education as the main feature, and has made considerable development and progress. At the same time, it has been widely recognized by people. The new educational equipment replaces the old educational equipment and injects new vitality into the traditional way of education. Sound, image, film and animation make the educational content more vivid. At present, the all-in-one education machine has become a new way of education.


As a new type of multimedia interactive teaching terminal, educational all-in-one machine integrates the functions of electronic whiteboard, short focus projection, power amplifier, audio, computer, video kiosk, central control and other multimedia equipment. It fully meets the needs of modern educational application, and solves the problems of scattered equipment, disordered connection, cumbersome operation, poor coordination of equipment, and so on The problem of poor compatibility makes it easy for teachers to carry out multimedia teaching, enriches teaching means, widens teaching forms, makes normal classroom teaching full of vitality, stimulates students' interest in learning and interactive participation, and improves the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching.


As a basic education platform of education informatization, education all-in-one machine not only effectively solves the problem of large-scale display, but also realizes the writing effect of LCD touch whiteboard. It is especially suitable for urban and rural primary and secondary schools with weak educational information foundation. Compared with traditional multimedia equipment and flat panel TV, it has higher cost performance, improves the overall level of regional educational informatization, and effectively promotes the balanced development of education.

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