The comparison between education all in one machine and traditional multimedia!

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Compared with the traditional multimedia classroom solution, the integrated intelligent touch and Bluetooth wireless sound reinforcement system fully embodies the advanced nature of the system in two aspects: access mode and system control. Wireless application is an inevitable trend of modern network technology application. Whether multimedia classroom is compatible with campus network and whether outdoor education resources can be used is the primary standard to measure the scalability of multimedia classroom. The solution of education integrated machine includes network control function, which can be controlled by teachers' handwritten computer, or remote control through campus network, which can provide services for the future development. It has the functions of education, academic report, meeting, comprehensive discussion, demonstration and exchange, distance education, distance classroom, remote conference, etc.


Because of its advantages in wireless Internet, intelligent touch and comprehensive planning, the all-in-one education machine will win its own unique position in the trend of education reform. The development level of educational equipment industry directly affects the pace of educational informatization. At present, the educational equipment industry is in the electronic and intelligent transformation period, which brings great opportunities to the educational equipment enterprises relying on modern technology.

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