The detection efficiency of human body temperature measuring machine!

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In public places and other densely populated areas, temperature screening is difficult, which requires a lot of human contact investigation and measurement, and there is a cross risk of infection. The screening staff work long hours, tired and easy to make mistakes. Intelligent means such as human body temperature measuring machine play a key role in the process of prevention and control. Compare the whole process management of personnel access to ensure everyone's safety.


The human body temperature measurement machine has built-in thermal imaging human body temperature measurement module, which can automatically carry out face recognition and temperature detection. When the temperature is abnormal, the device will alarm in real time and record the temperature of human body in real time. The human body temperature measuring machine is based on infrared thermal imaging technology and adopts infrared sensor. In face recognition, the temperature of human body is collected and the image is uploaded to the management platform to reduce contact and infection. When people who do not wear masks enter or leave, face recognition will give a voice prompt of "please wear masks". You can also set a high temperature warning threshold. When the device detects that the threshold exceeds the set warning threshold, the pop-up window will give a voice prompt and upload the photos to the management platform.


In crowded places, when the human body temperature measurement machine detects, it can simultaneously detect the personal temperature data, automatically record it by using the platform, and share it with the management department at the same time, so as to realize the real-time prevention and control of abnormal crowd temperature.

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