Human body temperature measuring machine features!

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How to effectively carry out epidemic prevention in public places has become a problem of concern. Traditional protection mode not only increases a lot of manpower, but also leads to personnel detention and aggregation due to low detection efficiency, which will have certain risks. So many companies have pushed the body temperature measurement machine, through the brush face can easily measure the temperature, and assist relevant units to quickly screen for people with temperature abnormality.


The use of the integrated temperature measuring machine can effectively avoid cross contact infection. In order to reduce the cost, some will choose to separate the thermal probe of the brush face thermometer from the fuselage. The integrated temperature measuring machine can only be put in the room, and the thermal probe is integrated in the interior to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement and maintain the quality. In fact, the integrated temperature measuring machine can be placed outside the temperature measurement, with the performance of dust prevention and waterproof, and can work stably in the environment from 0 ℃ to 50 ℃. It can also detect and screen at a very fast speed, realize rapid temperature screening, remote and large-scale detection, and can monitor and measure the temperature of floating population. The unique face recognition algorithm can accurately identify the face, the face recognition time is less than 500ms, can effectively detect and prevent the potential risk of the epidemic, and comprehensively assist the intelligent management of office scene.


Prevention and control work is facing great pressure, with the body temperature measuring machine, people's awareness of protection is gradually enhanced. A variety of protective measures are needed. Human body temperature measuring machine is suitable for all kinds of public places, which can not only achieve peacetime protection and emergency response, but also provide new ideas for epidemic prevention and control and public health management system construction, continuously improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention, and ensure the safety of the people.

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