Touch all in one machine can be equipped with teaching software

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Now touch all-in-one machine is widely used. The system of all-in-one machine includes windows system or Android system. Now the commonly used all-in-one machine can't install teaching software to realize intelligent education system, so we need to understand Android and windows system separately. The following is the relevant information of black gold industry.



If the touch all-in-one machine uses Windows system, the installation of teaching software is the same as that of our office computer. Generally, the software developed based on X86 platform can run on the touch all-in-one machine. Whether the software runs smoothly after installation is related to the hardware performance of the machine. Some large-scale software needs better computer configuration and good heat dissipation.

If Android or other systems need to install software matching the system, otherwise incompatibility may occur. Android can meet the basic display interactive operation.

Interactive whiteboard software is commonly used in teaching touch all-in-one software, which can write on blackboard like blackboard and import PPT, word, picture, video and other formats. The whiteboard software also has Android version and windows version. Especially now manufacturers will have standard electronic whiteboard software and teaching resource software.

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