Advantages of touch all in one machine

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The touch all-in-one machine is connected with the computer, the electronic whiteboard is connected to the computer, and the information on the computer is projected to the screen of the electronic whiteboard through the projector, thus forming an interactive conference or teaching environment. In the application, we can use a specific pen to operate on the whiteboard, edit and save the text, which can be realized without keyboard and mouse.

Therefore, the touch all-in-one machine has the following obvious advantages:

1. The whiteboard can be operated by hand and pen

No special pen is needed, which brings great convenience to teachers and students. It can flexibly adapt to various touch operations and text writing operations.

2. Extremely fast and responsive

The speed is extremely fast, the response is sensitive, and there is no obvious writing lag phenomenon, which brings the teacher a smooth and natural writing feeling.


3. high resolution and accurate operation

High resolution, precise operation, even very thin lines are very smooth and meticulous, no serration. It can reach a very precise length without obvious offset.

4. Durable

The board surface is free of static electricity, high wear resistance, anti scratching, fire prevention and good anti strike performance. Water-based pen can be written directly. The surface coating has been optimized for projector, anti reflection, anti dizziness, and has a natural and comfortable visual sense.

5 other advantages

Panel maximization, no physical keys, safe arc design of edge angle, free from interference and influence.

This remarkable advantage, you touch integrated machine can be trusted by all, and plays a great role in teaching or other aspects.

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