The influence of touch screen all in one on Kindergarten

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We all came from the previous era of chalk. We must have absorbed a lot of chalk dust. Because the economy and technology were not very developed in the past, we can only pass on knowledge to you through chalk. But now with the development of science and technology, the country pays more and more attention to the development of education, so the domestic bad kindergartens have adopted the touch all-in-one machine to replace the chalk and blackboard equipment. The touch all-in-one machine of education not only changes the traditional education mode, but also creates a dust-free learning environment for everyone, and greatly reduces the pressure of teachers.

Touch screen all-in-one machine can transform the traditional book classroom into multimedia network teaching, and also transform the past single textbook knowledge into network resource library. But what impact does the application of touch all-in-one machine have on kindergartens

First, the application of kindergarten teaching

There are all kinds of teaching tools in the touch all-in-one machine. It is convenient to draw pictures on it, and the writing area is not controlled by the screen. In this way, you can not only write on separate screens, but also write arbitrarily by dragging. But the main point is to reduce the impact of dust on children.

Second, the development of children's intelligence

It can store a lot of information: can set voice, graphics, text, data, animation, etc. as a whole, can mobilize children's senses. It can teach children in accordance with their aptitude and improve their physical and mental health.

Third, the breakthrough of difficulties

In teaching, we will encounter all kinds of doubts and difficulties. Touch screen all-in-one machine can transform abstract concepts into concrete pictures, and difficult problems into simple and understandable knowledge, so that children can understand, master and increase their interest in learning.

Therefore, with the application of teaching touch all-in-one machine, I believe that more and more kindergartens and other schools can popularize this multimedia education mode.

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