Heijin Industry 2019 year-end sales meeting was successfully held

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     From December 25th to 27th, 2019, the 2019 year-end sales summary meeting of Black Gold Industry was successfully held in Shenzhen Black Gold Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The sales elites of the company gathered together to summarize experience, accumulate deficiencies, and learn together.


This meeting is divided into product training, work report and expectation.

      The product training session was arranged on the 25th and 26th, and the project leaders of the R&D department conducted intensive training for relevant business personnel on the performance analysis and promotion of new products. The training content of the hardware part includes: touch all-in-one machine, smart blackboard, electronic whiteboard, whiteboard all-in-one machine and other products are introduced in detail; the software part has launched STboard whiteboard software and 101 teaching software. The scene of the subject teacher's class allows everyone to understand the product intuitively. This training enables the business personnel to have a deep understanding of the company's products, which lays a solid foundation for providing customers with more professional explanations and more efficient services in the future.


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      At the same time, a visit to the factory was arranged for the sales staff of each office. This link allows the business personnel to have a more direct understanding of the production process and operation process of each product line, and also watch and study the product quality and inspection process, so that everyone can make a more comprehensive introduction to customers in the future work. Black gold product.


     Through the analysis of the sales data for the whole year of 2019, the meeting of Black Gold Industry summarized the problems in the work, obtained effective solutions, and made a detailed deployment plan for the sales work for the whole year of 2020. , clarified the work direction and goals in 2020, inspired the morale of business personnel, and strengthened the confidence of the entire team to move forward.

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