As one heart, black gold reinforces the epidemic prevention work to Shenzhen Longhua Education Bureau

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The epidemic at the beginning of the year struck suddenly, and all sectors of society cooperated to fight the virus. In the face of the spread of the epidemic and the shortage of anti-epidemic materials, various enterprises have also acted and contributed their modest efforts.


Heijin donates anti-epidemic materials to Longhua Education Bureau

Shenzhen Black Gold Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. reinforced the epidemic prevention work to the Longhua District Education Bureau on February 27 to help them alleviate some of the difficulties during the epidemic.


The company has donated 3,000 disposable medical masks to the best of its ability, so that everyone can alleviate the problem of difficulty in masks as much as possible and do a good job in epidemic prevention control.

Department of Education thanks for this donation

The staff in charge of the Education Bureau of Longhua District, Shenzhen also expressed their sincere gratitude for this donation activity, which greatly encouraged them to hold on to their confidence and work together to overcome the current hurdle and overcome the epidemic.



Actions speak louder than slogans, and Black Gold Industries is with everyone.

Black Gold Industry's all-in-one machine series products allow us to deal with work without going out for remote meetings. The school safety "health code" product in terms of campus security, teachers and students implement the "one person, one case, one code, one plan", so that the official start of school After that, teachers and students can enter the campus according to the health code.

We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the party and the government, and with the support of the people of the whole country, this battle against the epidemic will be won!

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