Black gold industry encounters with you in the second Ningxia Internet plus education equipment fair.

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2020 second Ningxia Internet plus Education Equipment Fair

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 November 20-22, 2020 

In December 20th, Shenzhen Black Gold Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was stunning in the new second Ningxia Internet plus education equipment exhibition.

As the annual exhibition of Internet plus education, the black gold industry has made full use of this opportunity to bloom in the booth DT08B, bringing a great deal of visual, educational and business opportunities to everyone.



Pre exhibition preparation


In order to show you the best style of the black gold industry, the staff arranged the exhibition early before the conference, debugged the machines, and made full preparations, showing us the most perfect side of the exhibition equipment, so that the exhibitor was worthy of this trip.



Exhibition products


(product one touch all in one)

As a domestic education information enterprise, BLACKGOLD industry has exhibited the intelligent interactive hardware equipment of BLACKGOLD industry interactive all-in-one machine. The functions of high-definition image display, touch control, multi screen interaction, wireless screen transmission, remote video conference, etc. can help teaching and conference become more expensive and smooth, and improve efficiency.


(product 2 Smart blackboard)

At the exhibition, the company's intelligent interactive blackboard attracted people. It adopts infrared touch technology, integrated design, excellent screen display effect, delicate and vivid color. Moreover, the brightness and contrast of the equipment are also comprehensively improved, with the visual angle reaching 178 °, It can integrate traditional teaching blackboard and intelligent blackboard seamlessly with the display effect of wider perspective and higher quality.

(product 3 electronic class)

Electronic class card is also on display in this exhibition. It integrates the functions of face recognition, IC card swiping, timing switch, light sensing, full HD, automatic light compensation, dual band WiFi, all Internet access, etc. it can realize the integration, digitization and intellectualization of class card.


(product four person face recognition machine)

The face recognition all-in-one machine can run Android system, and use the latest face detection and recognition model to quickly capture people; It can carry out wide dynamic dual camera anti-counterfeiting and solve the problems in photos; The local storage of the device is rich; And the equipment has switch signal, access control management, safety.

(product 5 campus security risk prevention and control system)

At the same time, the company also showed the campus security risk prevention and control system at this exhibition, which can be applied to local alarm platform and school end alarm facilities, and can further improve the security facilities.



Exhibition summary

At the exhibition, Shenzhen Black Gold Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. warmly treated every customer who came to visit. With a positive attitude, it mobilized the atmosphere of the scene and carefully answered questions and doubts to business customers.

In the future, Heijin industry will develop with more like-minded people to actively promote the development of educational informatization in China.


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