What are the mistakes of electronic whiteboard

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Maybe the electronic whiteboard has been widely used in our teaching today. It has become an important teaching tool in multimedia teaching, and should be used in many primary and secondary school classrooms. However, with the development of electronic whiteboard in our life, we find some mistakes in Teachers' use of electronic whiteboard, which will affect the life of electronic whiteboard. Therefore, we can grasp these possible misunderstandings below.


1. If you click this point on the screen of the electronic whiteboard by hand frequently, the life of the touch screen display will not be very long.

2. The power consumption of the touch screen display is relatively small, but the voltage of the transformer is very high. Therefore, special attention should be paid to safety. Do not open the back cover of the electronic whiteboard display when it is charged. Before using, we must be familiar with the operation specifications and taboos of the electronic whiteboard, in order to effectively protect the electronic whiteboard.

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