The new term is coming. Is there Xuean in your school

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With the coming of the new semester, every student needs to go back to school, work hard and continue to study hard! Students' safety awareness also needs to be concerned, to provide a safe and healthy learning atmosphere. Therefore, our Xuean products can help students study healthily and happily. Here are several products of black gold industrial finishing.

1. Smart visitors



The intelligent visitor machine is mainly aimed at the visit management of school outsiders to ensure the safety of the school. The system is composed of intelligent visitor terminal, visitor platform, mobile phone client and WeChat official account. It supports identity card, IC access card, fingerprint, video, scanning, visitor entry and so on. It can provide convenient, quick and varied visitor registration for schools.

2. Intelligent attendance



Bluetooth attendance, recognition algorithm based on facial feature points, through Bluetooth signal transmission, accurate positioning. It can be placed in several key places to collect data in real time. Easy to install, simple to use, accurate data, safe and reliable.

3. Sunshine Restaurant


Sunshine restaurant online, transparent management, rest assured meal. The food safety of Xuean is mainly based on the campus food safety management, which mainly includes the bright kitchen stove of the restaurant, online AI and IOT early warning, safety monitoring and nutrition catering, etc., so as to realize the collection, processing, inspection, determination, storage and transportation of campus food safety data.

4. Xuean AI


AI system of Xuean uses artificial intelligence technology. Through intelligent analysis of video pictures captured by traditional cameras, it can realize the functions of students entering school door identification, dormitory access management, personnel density detection, perimeter intrusion detection and so on.

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