We need to pay attention to the selection of touch all-in-one machine

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Now in the multimedia teaching, the demand of touch all-in-one machine is developing rapidly. How can we choose the right one? We need to pay attention to some matters in choosing that one.


1. Screen size

In the school's multimedia teaching, there is a great demand for touch all-in-one machines. The sizes of all-in-one machines used in different schools are different, and now they are all providing suitable sizes for customers.

2. Touch screen

There are four kinds of multimedia touch screen: ordinary surface acoustic wave screen, infrared screen, resistance screen and capacitance screen. No matter which one is completely isolated from the outside world, it doesn't need to worry about the influence of dust and water vapor. It can adapt to various environments and choose the appropriate screen according to specific occasions. But what we use most now is the infrared screen.

3. Configuration

The configuration of touch all-in-one machine determines the running speed of all-in-one machine, which affects the user experience. So we need to choose the right configuration.

4. Brand

We generally choose famous and powerful enterprises. We think that the quality of the machines produced is guaranteed, but it is also very expensive. We need to know which brand has a good reputation and user experience. We should not only pay attention to the brand, but also choose from many aspects.

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