How to make the campus more sunny

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In recent years, the campus security problems are frequent, it has been concerned by the government, society, family and other aspects. Maybe when we talk about campus safety, we just generally think that the environmental safety of the school is not safe, and we don't have a deeper understanding of campus safety. In fact, it covers a wide range, including the school environment, management measures, processes and technical means of all levels of responsible units. Therefore, to make our campus more sunny, we need to establish a three-dimensional campus security prevention and control system of civil air defense, material defense and technical defense, and grasp the source of campus security (risks and hidden dangers), so as to effectively guarantee campus security.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, some new technology products have been applied to the field of campus security, and then they are also actively developing and introducing related technologies, integrating advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, striving to develop the education informatization of "Ai + security", building an integrated risk prevention and control system, and launching the "campus dual prevention mechanism" as the basis, Based on the design concept of safety closed-loop management of pre prevention, early warning, in-process emergency and post-processing, integrating civil air defense, material defense and technical defense, the campus security cloud platform and campus end security ecological chain products are used to establish a visual linkage and shared campus security risk prevention and control ecology of the Bureau and the school, so as to realize the "1234" of campus security

1: It refers to a system of campus security risk prevention and control based on dual prevention mechanism;

2: It refers to the two centers, the emergency command center of the Education Bureau and the school, which can start the emergency command through the app;

3: Safety education, safety management and safety emergency should be carried out simultaneously to solve the unsafe factors of human, material and process;

4: It refers to four goals to achieve the pre prevention, early warning, in-process emergency and post decision disposal of campus security risk management and control.

At the same time, the school security system will be built into an open security risk prevention and control platform to bring in more intelligent devices and serve more users through AI and Internet of things.


Finally, our future school safety system must be a visual and intelligent management mode. Big data intelligently analyzes students' behavior and surrounding environment. When there are abnormal problems, intelligent robots distributed around the school can start the defense mode in time to eliminate potential safety hazards and protect students' safety. In the event of a major accident, it can timely network intelligent alarm and send accident scene video at the same time, so as to facilitate the security personnel to timely understand the scene situation and arrange task deployment in advance... All video monitoring, early warning and all kinds of safety work do not need human intervention, thus creating a 360 degree safety protection system of "whole domain, full-time, whole process and all staff", Realize the vision of making the campus more sunny.


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