The reason why more and more schools choose touch all in one machine

Release time:2019-07-04   Browse times:12054

In the past, the application of traditional projector and computer in school teaching has improved the speed and intuition of information dissemination. Then, people continue to pursue new things according to the progress of the times, so there will be related problems in the use of the projector, which can not directly and clearly interact with the computer system, and can not meet people's needs. Therefore, the touch all-in-one machine came into being.

The touch all-in-one machine adopts the appearance design of the whole machine integration, which integrates the functions of computers, electronic whiteboards and other equipment. In the past, there were too many multimedia teaching equipment, complicated installation and operation, and the cost of investment was also much higher.

In the function of touch all-in-one machine, there is an interactive electronic whiteboard. Its function is similar to the traditional blackboard. It can use infrared teaching touch all-in-one machine to solve the problem of chalk dust in the past, and create a dust-free and pollution-free green education environment for everyone.

With the continuous development of the times, the mode of knowledge dissemination has changed a lot. Traditional teaching methods can not meet the needs of students, and can not improve students' interest and enthusiasm. Its application, with unique multimedia technology and human-computer interaction function, can vividly show the knowledge to the students, improve their learning enthusiasm and enthusiasm. So in the face of such a favorable touch all-in-one machine, the projector will definitely be eliminated. It will be suitable for all kinds of multimedia fields, convenient for everyone's study, work or leisure.

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