Campus Security System (Campus Edition)

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Campus security status

The leaders at the higher levels pay insufficient attention, the job preparation is limited, the staff is lacking, the resources are scarce, the means are backward, the safety education flows in the form, the technical defense equipment is isolated from each other to form an information gap, the leadership supervision and management lacks means, and the safety work lacks professional guidance... The school is really interested. Powerless.

Program overview

The intelligent campus security comprehensive prevention and control system incorporates advanced safety education and management concepts, and makes full use of the combination of Internet, Internet of Things prevention, physical defense, and technical defense to realize the informationization, normalization, and practice of campus safety education, and promote the formation of campus defense. Control the new pattern of "standardization, institutionalization, intelligence, and specialization." The platform adopts new technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, cloud services, and big data. It focuses on the three core tasks of security education, security management, and security emergency involved in campus security. It uses technology upgrades and integration of the school's original security facilities and equipment. All personnel form a new campus security prevention and control system with the interaction of objects and people.


School leadership school leaders (supervisor campus security work) real-time view of school video surveillance; emergency remote emergency command; electronic records of safety work; safety education process and effect evaluation; hidden dangers investigation and rectification process supervision;

Class teacher head teacher (supervisor class safety work) routine work, convenient and fast; safe preparation, teaching resources are rich, various forms; safe teaching courses (safety class meeting, safety education class, safety lecture).

Security Security (supervisor of campus security work) to do the verification and registration of visiting personnel, optimistic about the school gate; intelligent cloud monitoring, anytime, anywhere to see, report the abnormal situation in time; find hidden dangers with the hand, picture situation, location at a glance, easy to deal with Intelligent patrol, prevent lazy, automatically form daily newspapers; critical situation, one-click alarm, real-time notification to leaders and public security organs;

Parents and parents (responsible for child safety education, family safety management) receive students' dynamic information in and out of the school in real time; students take time to confirm the check; 365 days a day a safety reminder to give parents real-time effective safety knowledge.

Student (key protection) means multi-channel safety education, safety culture, radio, safe classroom, safety class meetings, seminars and other safety; safety education activities and colorful, safety knowledge quiz, fun safety games; physical fitness assessment of students, provide personalized health Safe exercise formula, develop students' health growth plan; establish safety awareness, master safety knowledge, and develop safety habits.

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