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Execution: mobile computer (laptop)

The processor combines the central processor and video processor, the number of cores of the video processor 3, the number of cores of the central processor 2, the number of threads of the central processor 2, the base frequency of the central processor 3 GHz, the maximum frequency of the central processor 3.6 GHz. Technical process (lithography) 28 nm. RAM: 8GB, memory type not lower than DDR-4. Hard disk: 256GB capacity, Disk type: SSD. Screen resolution: Full HD 1920 * 1080 Screen: 15.6-inch diagonal Operating system: Windows 10 Professional I / O ports: 2 * USB 3.0, 1 * HDMI, 1 * Stylus input port (mini-USB), 1 * USB- C (with charging support), 1 * Audio in / out, Communication: Wi-fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac + BT 4.1 Power supply: Input 100-240V, 50-60 Hz Output: 20 V, 3 , 25 A Operating temperature: from 10-35C, humidity 10-80%

Functionality: The laptop has infrared tracking sensors built into the display. These sensors track the stylus and glasses. When you tilt the head to inspect the object, the image is dynamically updated to display the correct perspective in full resolution. When the user is recognized in polarized glasses with markers, the image display mode automatically switches from 2D mode to 3D mode. The laptop supports three sensory characteristics in 3D mode:

1) depth perception - to move objects, move them away or zoom in in real time.

2) the ability to look around - the opportunity to inspect the object from different sides.

3) kinesthetic realism - the ability to control objects with a stylus in different planes and projections.

Pre-installed software: 1) Software for studying and working with 3D-models: includes models in the following sections:

- Anatomy (arm, brain, capillaries, cardiovascular system, collarbone, arteries, heart, digestive system, leg bones, arm bones, head, etc.) The total number of models in this section is 70.

- animals (rat, ant, bison, arctic wolf, barbel, bream, trout, hog, chicken, chameleon, chimpanzee, crocodile, duck, chimpanzee, etc.) The total number of models is 450.

- astronomy, the total number of models - 130.

- biology, the total number of models - 70.

- buildings and signs, the total number of models - 115.

- chemistry, the total number of models - 37.

- furniture, the total number of models - 50.

- history, the total number of models - 200.

- insects, the total number of models - 60.

- plants, the total number of models - 180.

- sculptures, the total number of models - 30.

- spaceships, the total number of models - 50.

- vehicles (helicopters, airplanes, cars, locomotives); the total number of models is 95.

Software for creating AR / VR content. The software has the ability to create various 3D objects in VR mode. The software is compatible to work with a laptop. The software has the ability to use the stylus as a manipulator. Using the stylus when working in software, the user can rotate the created objects, move, cut, rotate, move away and zoom in different planes in VR mode. When creating objects, the user has access to such functions as color selection, relief changes, cut, etc. The software has ready models (blanks) for creating objects in such categories: what are body parts, sculptures and shapes. The following control buttons are available to the user on the work screen: undo / redo, view material, sculpt an object, paint, add shapes, add text, add an image.

Included with the laptop are:

Polarized glasses - 1 piece. Points are tagged for reading by the tracking sensors mounted on the display. The number of markers to track is 5.

Stylus - 1 piece. Technology: infrared. Designed to perform manipulations with objects. The number of control buttons on the stylus 3. The stylus has a light indicator. Stylus has 6 degrees of freedom. Interface Stylus input port (mini-USB).

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