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Product Name    ST Lite+

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  ST Lite +   - a program for teachers of secondary schools and universities. It is used to create and present lessons on an interactive whiteboard. In addition to the tools for creating a presentation slide show, the program offers the function of displaying the full image and individual parts to the projector. It can also be used to conduct surveys of the entire class and small groups of students. The program even has a separate Question Answer tool that helps interview students right along the way.

       Lessons and presentations in ST Lite + can be created both from scratch and using ready-made templates from the 101Class service. In addition to the templates, it offers teachers other useful "resources" for the preparation of interactive lessons. Unfortunately, most of the content offered is paid. However, ST Lite itself costs money too. Fortunately, before purchasing a license, you can try the program for three months.  

        The ST Lite + lesson editor interface is a bit like PowerPoint. The main window is divided into the workspace and the window to switch between slides. To add new elements and text to the slide, use a special control panel. From it you can call the basic drawing tools, customize the profile of the presentation, as well as set the display of individual elements on the slide by clicking or according to the timer. The program interface supports more than 36 languages.

Product Parameter:

The software works in offline mode, without an Internet connection. The program is designed for working with an interactive panel, includes the tools of the board, the driver and the application interactive program:

• Operating modes: control (mouse), annotation, full screen, window and translucent floor.

• Preparation and preservation of lessons:

            - Rotation, transfer and change of the sizes of the objects, including replacement and creating of immediated screen screen;

            - the progressive reproducibility of actions on objects;

            - automatic detection and optimization of hegemic figures and multifogs;

            - a ready-made set of resources for conducting lessons,

            - Supplementing hyperlinks to objects; - giving objects of transparency;

            - installation of fences and images in the form of a background and use of the shaft;

            - organization of pages;

            - transfer of objects from the page to the page or from one application to another;

            - attaching files;

            - save files in various formats (for example, PDF or HTML);

            - the preservation of pages in the form in individual files of images (for example, JPEG or GIF);

            - setup network on the page;

            - insertion of Adobe® Flash® animation files from the gallery and the addition of its own Flash files;

            - a wide choice of instruments for drawing, differing in the type of connection, writing style, type of dotted lines, etc .;

• Displays information with shadow effects and elevation effects.

• Diving, projecting, magnifying glass for increasing individual sites.

• Access to the majority of applications by means of a program control panel.

• Stroke the layout of the swimming equipment.

• Virtual instruments for precise hematographic operations: compasses, ruler, and gear.

• Input from the keyboard on the keyboard.

• Automatic exams in the Office format, web-site, automatic sending by e-mail.

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