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Antivirus protection is a corporate solution that provides stable operation in a network of workstations and servers.

Antivirus tools include:

-Protection for Windows workstations.

-Protection for Windows file servers.

-Centralized management, monitoring and updating.

Anti-virus protection requirements: Tracking attempts to maliciously encrypt files on the server’s shared network folders and blocking computers from which such activity occurs. There is a task to shut down the PC when scanning is completed; anti-virus scanning of traffic using the following protocols: FTP, HTTP and HTTPs, POP3 and POP3s, as well as IMAP and IMAP traffic. The presence of an additional module for protecting Microsoft Office documents and scanning files passing through Internet Explorer; support for the built-in sandbox to protect against zero-day threats; UEFI scanning module, the ability to exclude from the hash checks the amount of contain a custom intrusion prevention system Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) to prevent attempts at external influences, changes, as well as to monitor processes, files and registry keys; IPv6 protocol support; email client protection: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail; Integration with Windows Update to install patches covering detected vulnerabilities, with the choice of the necessary updates from “optional” updates to “critical” ones; the presence of a common local cache to increase the scanning speed in virtualized environments; central management software has a WEB console for management and reporting; centralized management can be carried out from any device through a Web browser; a protocol for replication using the PNS (Push Notification Service) and multicast support for WOL. Functionality for inventory of equipment. Remote Administration Server can be installed and supports Windows and Linux operating systems; two-factor authentication capabilities are available on the central management server console. Availability of a dedicated software tool for managing licenses. Use it to track licenses, activated modules, and license-related events, such as expiration, use, and authorization. A utility for diagnosing hardware components of the system is also preinstalled. This utility has unlimited time functionality and is available for download from the official site of the PC manufacturer. A utility for automatically updating drivers and BI-S firmware is also preinstalled. This utility has unlimited time functionality and is available for download from the official site of the PC manufacturer.

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