Active area

Product parameters:

Product Name               Active area
Product NO.                   Active area
Product ADD                  Shenzhen
Product System              Windows XP/7/8/10, Android
Projection Size               75Inch
Resolving power            32768*32768/UHD 4K 1652 x930

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75Inch Interactive Panel

Product Parameter:


Interactive panel 1 piece


Screen size and resolution

75 inches 32768*32768/UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz

Contrast ratio

5000: 1

Display coverage

Anti-glare tempered glass

Response speed

8 ms


355 cd / m2

Number of touches

20 simultaneous

Infrared technology

Touch resolution


Touch positioning accuracy

2 mm

Interactive panel handle 1 piece included, not requiring batteries. The tip of the handle is 8mm

Appearance For the convenience of connecting peripherals, it is mandatory to have an interface panel (USB, HDMI) on the front



x 3 (1.4)

USB Touch

x 2


x 1 VGA

Audio In

x 1


x 1


x 1

Mic In (3.5 mm)

x 1


x 1

USB 2.0

x 2

RS232 Serial

x 1

OPS Slot

x 1

Sound: Built-in front speakers

2 x 15 Watt

Package: Not less than:

Interactive panel

x 1


x 1

Wall mount

x 1

Remote control

x 1

Batteries AAA

x 2

Power cable 3m

x 1

HDMI cable 3m

x 1

USB cable 3m

x 1

Installation instruction

x 1

User's manual

x 1

Active area

1650 x 928 mm

Overall dimensions

1768 x 1066 x 114 mm


59 kg

Warranty period 12 months

The software of the interactive panel is 1 piece

HJ-TD75 (factory of Shenzhen, origin countries of the People's Republic of China, year of issue 2018)

Licensed software of the interactive panel (interface) in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English

The software is designed to work with the interactive panel, includes board tools, a driver and an application-based interactive program.

Software for the interactive panel:

• Operating modes: control (mouse), annotation, full screen, window and transparent layer. 
• Prepare and save lessons: 
- Rotate, move and resize objects, including adding notes and creating snapshots of the screen; 
- Progressive reproduction of actions on objects; 
- automatic recognition and optimization of geometric shapes and polygons; 
- Adding hyperlinks to objects; 
- making objects transparent; 
- Inserting templates and images as a background and using the gallery; 
- organization of pages; 
- Moving objects from page to page or from one application to another; 
- Attaching files; 
- saving files in various formats (for example, PDF or HTML); 
- saving pages as separate image files (for example, JPEG or GIF); 
- Adjust the grid to the page; 
- Inserting Adobe Flash animation files from the gallery and adding your own Flash files; 
- a wide range of drawing tools that differ in connection type, letter style, type of dotted lines, etc .; 
• Displays information with shadowing and highlighting effects. 
• Stucco, searchlight, magnifying glass to increase individual sections. 
• Access to most applications via the application control panel. 
• Configure the palette of floating instruments. 
• Virtual Tools

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