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3D science education in natural sciences software

The software is designed to study the following sections: human anatomy, botany, zoology, geoscience, microbiology, chemistry, engineering and paleontology. The software includes training materials in the following sections:

- Astronomy (satellites "Aquarius", "Calipso", "CloudSat", "EchoStar", "Google Satellite", "GPS Satellite", "Milstar", "Omid Satellite"; Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Uranium, Venus; Sun; Moon;

- Botany (cactus, corn kernel, corn root, corn stalk, cotton, fern, geranium, mushroom, orchid, pine cone, plant cell, seed, wheat)

- Chemistry (acetaminophen, acetylsalicylic acid, adrenaline, amantadine, ammonia, adenosine monophosphate, amphetamine, arachidone, adenosine triphosphate, azidothymidine, caffeine, carbonic acid, cytidine, D-glucose, diphosphonosulfonylphosphonosulfonylphosphonylphosphonosulfonate , linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, penicillin, stearic acid, sucrose, LSD, tetrahydrocannabinol)

- Earth science (water horizon, cave, geyser, glacier, photosynthesis, tectonic plates, volcano, whirlpool)

- Anatomy (alveoli, bone cross section, cervical vertebrae, ear, eye, eye cross section, female pelvis, female genital organs, digestive system, human heart, lungs, human skeleton, human skull, uterus, lower limb, male genital organ, muscle, nephron, osteocyte, ovary, red blood cell, skin, synapse, teeth and gums, tooth, upper limb, urinary system)

- Mechanics (1100 cc. V-twin, 4-cylinder airplane engine, 4-cylinder boxer, 5L V8, alternating current engine, alternating current generator, valve, air-cooled boxer engine, beveled gearbox, car with turbofan engines, brushless DC motor, car battery, car chassis, clock, clutch, DC motor, dependent suspension, disc brake, Dnipro engine, DOHC V8, double wishbones, four-stroke engine, fuel cell, V10 fuel injection, gearbox and engine, helical gears, hydraulic cylinder, in-line four, manual transmission, planetary gearbox, rack and pinion gear, Reducer, Saturn V rocket , serial transmission, simple linear transmission 4, single-cylinder 2-stroke, steam engine, condensate trap, in-line eight, differential "torsen", turbine engine, turbo, two-speed gearbox, two-stroke engine, universal joint, V2 engine, V8 engine, W16 engine, water pump, wind turbine, worm gear, flyer). Section mechanics - engines, turbines, electric motors should have an animation of the principle of operation, rotation of the flywheels, chains, belts, movement of cylinders and other mechanisms of the model "

- Zoology (structure and functions of animals such as a whale, cat, chicken egg, cow, dog, deer, dolphin, fetal pig, worm, fly, opening a frog, frog evolution, German shepherd, horse, jellyfish, lobster, butterfly, mosquito, pig, dove, rabbit, rat, owl, starfish, tarantula, termites)

- Paleontology (allosaurus, diplodocus, human evolution, prerosaur, skull fossils, triceptors, trilobites, tyrannosaurus rex)

- Microbiology (amoeba, arenavirus, bacillus, Senna sticks, bird flu virus, blue tongue virus, pertussis bacillus, cell membrane, chlamydia, chromosome, coronavirus, corynebacterium diphtheria, DNA, echovirus, Escherichia coli, Helicobacter pylori, virus, HIV, human cell, human egg, human sperm, karyotype, Klebsiella pneumonia, Legionnaire pneumonia, Marburg virus, measles virus, mengo, meningococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, myxovirus, neuroseria, ambulance, parainfluenza virus, paramyxovirus, Bécher virus novosti, reovirus, staphylococcal epidermis, tapeworm, Togotovirus)

- Earth science (tectonic plates, earth cycle, water cycle)

All educational content and objects contained in the software in three-dimensional space and has a description of each part by pressing the corresponding keys.


Characteristics of 3D objects:

All 3D objects used in the software have the ability to: be divided into objects, its components, have a description of the life / physical process, increase and decrease.


Software Features:

- The software works and is controlled by a touch screen interactive panel

- The software recognizes the following gestures: single tap / tap, double tap / tap, single tap / tap with two fingers, double tap / tap with two fingers, swipe up / down / right / left, tap and drag, tap and pull, pinch two with fingers

- The software recognizes gestures for rotating 3D objects, enlarging 3D objects, rotate 3D objects and its components 360 degrees, move them in the working area of the screen.

- The software has the function of increasing and decreasing 3D objects and their components.

- The software has the function of creating a lesson plan. The user has the ability to switch from editor mode to user mode and vice versa.

- The user has the ability to create lecture slides and save his work on the local computer. When moving from one slide to another, the software has the ability to automatically synchronize slides and 3D objects (position, view, designation)

- The software has the ability to create test questions for users with different answer options in lecture slides.

- The software has the ability to change the colors of 3D objects.

- The software can be installed on the embedded computer of an interactive panel, or a laptop, computer.

- Software without distortion is displayed and operates on an interactive panel, or laptop, computer.

- Management can be carried out using the pointer supplied with the interactive panel or fingers.

- The software has an interface and all educational content in 20 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Kazakh, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Finnish, Indonesian). Type of provision: 1 year subscription.


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