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Lesson Software - This is access and full compatibility with the browsers MSEdge, MSInternetExplrer, Chrme and Safari. The ability to create lessons and classes without an internet connection. The ability to conduct lessons and conduct events without an Internet connection. Possibility for the teacher to store the content of the lesson on the local PC and in the cloud. Possibility of conducting subject lessons using an interactive "whiteboard with support": Free writing with different pens in at least 8 colors Handwriting recognition and conversion to text Direct text input Adding standard forms (for example, square, triangle, circle) and lines Recognizing drawn shapes and converting them to standard forms Adding connectors ̆ between forms Recognizing mathematical symbols and equations and converting them to the correct ̆ standard ̆ format Standard screen math tools like ruler, protractor, square and compass Advanced interactive teaching tools like spotlight and positioning Avatele ability to capture and desktop applications using obschey̆ Commenting toolbar through an interactive whiteboard.

The ability to record and maintain statistics on the use of applications on the screen Full screen, window or area Image, video without sound, video with sound The ability to create training events based on data for schoolchildren to use. It includes matching lists, flash cards, sequences and actions on the timeline. Ability to create predefined and special classes. Ability to maintain personal profiles of students with an appropriate level of data protection. A simple and safe way for students to join the lesson using portable, mobile or handheld devices. The ability to display the contents of the screen on the students' devices. The ability to conduct instant assessment surveys, including: Textual answer. Numeric answer. Alphabetical answer. Yes / No. Creative answer including photos. Likert (preferences) Multiple choice answer. An opportunity for a teacher to view and save the answers. An opportunity to assess students and report results to them. Support for five types of questions during the survey Automatically select the correct answers (if the flag is not marked as “manually marked” or “not marked”) Allows you to give incorrect answers to receive feedback or corrections The ability to review and save the correct answers Provides comprehensive assistance and software support software support, including but not limited to textual advice, videos, hotlines and support forums Automatic software updates.

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