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The SOFTWARE has tools for using interactive content due to numerous illustrative, animation, and creative presentation features. The SOFTWARE also contains spectacular interactive elements and built-in applications designed for developing skills, conducting experiments, and illustrating. The SOFTWARE also provides access to a media lexicon that contains 1,200 interactive 3D scenes, several hundred educational videos, numerous audio files, and tasks. The SOFTWARE can be used both on an interactive whiteboard and on a computer. The SOFTWARE contains a number of applications for skill development, illustration, and practice, as well as a virtual lab. The SOFTWARE has the ability to create task sheets. A number of built-in task types (single and multiple selection, finding pairs, chains, contour maps, filling in tables, sets, and so on). you can add various types of exercises to the task list, as well as set a time limit for completing them. The software has a Multilang option for displaying content in 35 different languages. The SOFTWARE has the ability to customize the 3D tool: ● adjust the brightness by scrolling vertically in the upper left and right corners. ● Scalability of the model by dragging vertically along the left or right edge of the scene, or using two fingers. ● The ability to rotate the model by moving in the center of the model. The SOFTWARE contains the following types of tools: 1. skill development Games - these tools are aimed at developing the skills of the youngest students, who can practice their knowledge in a playful way. 2. Illustrative tools-Collections that allow targeted use depending on the specifics of the subject being taught. Here you can find all the tools you need to teach a subject. 3. Virtual tools for experiments - using the most complex SOFTWARE tools on the Board or computer, you can simulate real experiments and freely create a wide variety of layouts. 4. time machine Tool-the time Machine tool represents famous people and historical figures in various forms. Chronological view-people are displayed on the timeline, grouped by type of activity. Type of relationships - more than 30-40 people are displayed based on filtering criteria, relative to the data of a specific person. 5. Tool mechanics tool Mechanics You can in a realistic physical environment to investigate the laws of dynamics, the action of different forces and types of motion. 6. drawing Tool - you can use the drawing functions to illustrate your publications the SOFTWARE Interface contains the following functions: 1. Publication tabs - you can open several publications at the same time and click on the tabs to select the publication that is active. 2. Tools-thematic manuals, logic games, and skill development games created for illustrations and surveys. Texts and visual content of tools can be transferred to notebooks and SOFTWARE publications. 3. Settings-the panel provides options for customizing the SOFTWARE. 4. toolbar - the toolbar contains the most important functions of the program for working with content. 5. New page of the notebook is the ability to create notebooks and to add a new page. 6. Media lexicon - search for content among interactive content, 3D models, as well as images, video and audio materials. 7. multimedia recorder - you can use It to save screenshots or parts of the screen, create audio recordings, and record videos. 8. Help - here you can find useful tips and instructions on using all the SOFTWARE functions in text form. Video help will help you learn how to manage the SOFTWARE. 9. Active tools-favorite tools can be inserted as icons or thumbnails in books or notebooks, where they can then be opened. 10. taskbar-shows open publications and SOFTWARE Windows. 11. pencil Case-a Visual drawing tool with an intuitive user interface creates even the youngest students the possibility of realistic, easy drawing on an interactive whiteboard. Various pencil cases contain individual pencil sets for different types of presentations. 12. drawing Tool - you can use the built-in functions to create illustrations for textbooks AND software notebooks.

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