IWB-3000-A Series

Product parameters:

Product Name          IWB-3000-A Series
Product NO.            HJ-IW82A
Product ADD           Shenzhen
Product System        Windows XP/7/8/10
Projection Size         82/85/89/94/102/120 Inch
Resolving power        32767*32767

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Up to 16 writing points

Excellent performance, interactive teaching

Ultra-thin body, perfect presentation

Full HD display, quality fresh and natural

Product Parameter

Bezel Color

Brushed Aluminium(Black)


82/85/89/94/102/120 Inch

Resolution Ratio


Touch Technology

Infrared Induction Technology

Writing Points

16 Points

Respond Time

Single Point: 6ms Continue: 3ms

Transmission Speed

38400 bps

Cursor Speed

500 point/s

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