Product parameters:

Product Name          HJ-IW89/HJ-IW89XX/HJ-IW89XXY
Product NO.            HJ-IW89/HJ-IW89XX/HJ-IW89XXY
Product ADD           Shenzhen
Product System        Windows XP/7/8/10
Projection Size
Resolving power       32767 x 32767

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Up to 16 writing points

Excellent performance, interactive teaching

Ultra-thin body, perfect presentation

Full HD display, quality fresh and natural

Product Parameter:

The principle of work (technology): touch- optical with IR (infrared) receiver and LEDs;
 image Format 4: 3  

Resolving power32767 x 32767
Diagonal 89 " 
frame Width 17.5 mm 
reaction Time: 6 MS; 
gross weight: - 21 kg.

net weight:- 18 kg.

The working surface of the interactive display is anti-reflective, metal-ceramic surface type e3-environmental, antibacterial, with protection against vandals. The display is made of a material that allows you to use the Board as a magnetic and marker Display remains operational even in case of through damage to the screen. Markers that provide interaction with the interactive display wireless, do not contain mechanical elements, work without batteries and other batteries and are completely interchangeable. The display provides the ability to work without the use of specialized input devices (finger operation). The display interprets the control commands, activates the commenting tools, etc. at the same time ten (10) users without having to configure ad hoc mode. To speed up the use of software tools has the ability to use removable strips of keyboard shortcuts. The set includes a tray for storing markers. Computer connection: USB 2.0.The package includes: USB Cable, Pencil case for accessories -1, Stylus (plastic handle)-2, Eraser-1, user Manual, instruction -1, SOFTWARE (1-3 disk), an Electronic copy of the manual -1

Licensed software (interface) in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Interactive display software: allows you to create, edit and annotate even live clips. Allows you to select an object from the built-in library of geometric objects with the ability to customize and change the fill color, color, style and thickness of the border lines, the degree of transparency of the object. (more than 6,000 pieces of content); Has the ability to select the style of lines drawn from at least five preset, with the ability to customize and change the color, style, thickness and transparency of the lines, as well as the style of the beginning and end of the lines; Allows the arrangement, conversion, zoom, filling and grouping of objects; Perceives the control commands, activate commenting tools, etc.simultaneously by four users without the need to configure a special mode. Four users have the ability to simultaneously write, draw and move objects. Two users have the ability to simultaneously write with the recognition of written text and change the characteristics of objects (scale or rotate); Provides the ability to simultaneously draw two / four users [two/four] different colors; two users work without distinguishing the work surface, and for the work of four users requires the separation of work zones; Uses simpleintuitive movement of a finger or hand to move objects, rotate them, increase or decrease, to recognize gestures; Allows you to take screen captures from PC and insert your own custom images, and videos;Includes full screen tools, geometry drawings, protractor, ruler, compass; Provides handwriting recognition with the aim of easy typing without using typing any text in any application; convert handwritten text and drawings entered by the pen, computer pen or your finger, in their digital form. It has the ability to make changes to the documents of office applications (ppt, doc, xls, pptx, docx, xlsx) and save the records and notes directly in the text of the document (file) as embedded objects. It has the ability to record all the manipulations (actions) on the Board and save as a separate file (as in the form of" abstract", a set of pages (slides), and in the video).Has the ability to import files of various formats doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, notebook, iwb, emf, wmf, swf, mp3, wma, wav, iwb, notebook, pptx, native format; Has the ability to save files in various formats pdf, doc, tiff, html, jpg, bmp, png, avi, wmv, mpeg, swf, flv, iwb, ppt, jpg, native format; Has the function "Intelligent pen to recognize arbitrary lines in the correct shapes; Contains multimedia Bank (including more than 4500 content units), widgets (more than 40 mini-applications); Has a support site with ready-made templates and lesson templates (more than 6400 lessons and lessons) in 13 languages, as well as access to training resources.This model works on MS Windows, Macintosh, Linux operating systems.

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