Product parameters:

Product Name         HJ-IW82
Product NO.           HJ-IW82
Product ADD          Shenzhen
Product System        Windows XP/7/8/10,
Projection Size
Resolving power        32767х32767

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Licensed interactive whiteboard software (interface) in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Access and full compatibility with MS Edge, MS InternetExplorer, Chrome and Safari browsers. • Ability to create lessons and classes without connecting to the Internet. • Ability to conduct lessons and conduct events without an Internet connection. • The ability for the teacher to store the content of the lesson on the local PC and in the cloud. • Ability to conduct subject lessons using an interactive whiteboard with the support of: o Free writing in different pens in at least 8 colors o Handwriting recognition and conversion to text; Direct text input ; Add standard shapes (for example, square, triangle, circle) and lines; Recognition of drawn figures and their conversion into standard forms o Adding connectors between forms; Recognition of mathematical symbols and equations and their transformation into the correct standard format; Standard screen math tools like ruler, protractor, square and compass; Enhanced interactive learning tools such as spotlight and recognizer • Ability to capture and comment on desktop applications using a common toolbar via an interactive whiteboard • Ability to record and record application usage statistics on the screen o Full screen, window or region video with sound; Ability to create data-based learning activities for student use o Includes mapping lists, flash cards, sequences and actions on a timeline • Ability to create predefined and special classes • Ability to personalize student profiles with appropriate data protection level • Simple and secure way for students join a lesson using handheld, mobile, or handheld devices • Ability to display screen content on student devices; Ability to conduct instant assessment polls, including: o Text answer o Numeric answer o Literal answer o Answer Yes / No o Creative answer that includes photos o Answer on Likert scale (preferences) o Answer with multiple choice • Ability for teachers to view and save the received answers • Ability to assess students and report results. • Support for at least five types of questions when conducting a survey • Automatic highlighting of correct answers (unless checked as “manually marked” or “not marked”) Allows you to give incorrect answers for receiving feedback or corrections • Ability to review and save the correct answers • Provides comprehensive software assistance and support, including, but not limited to, text tutorials, videos, hotlines and support forums • Automatic software updates.

Product Parameter:

Interactive board with an infrared principle of action. 
Multi-user mode 10 touches simultaneously. 
82 ”(diagonal). 
Aspect ratio 4: 3. 
Frontal surface. 
USB connectivity. 
Infrared technology. 
The resolution is 32767х32767. 
Accuracy of board positioning is 2 mm. 
Output speed 100 Hz. 
10 ms response speed. 
Weight 18.5 kg. 
Power supply from the USB port of the computer. 
Electronic marker: In a set of 2 markers

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