82~86 inches NW6 series nano-wisdom blackboard

Product parameters:

Nano Wisdom Blackboard Overview Nano Wisdom Blackboard is an intelligent interactive teaching device that integrates capacitive touch, LCD display, computer host, multimedia video booth and traditional handwriting blackboard functions.

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product description

1. Overview of Nano Wisdom Blackboard

Nano Smart Blackboard is an intelligent interactive teaching device that integrates capacitive touch, LCD display, computer host, multimedia video booth and traditional handwriting blackboard functions in one. It covers touch interaction, multimedia teaching and chalk writing, and seamlessly integrates the traditional teaching blackboard with the perceptible interactive blackboard.

2. Features of Nano Smart Blackboard

(1) The surface is waterproof, explosion-proof and anti-radiation, and can use a variety of materials for writing pens

You can use chalk, water pen, or dust-free chalk to write and erase directly, and the handwriting is easy to erase and clean; it can be automatically activated with smart card, and it can be used normally under sunlight; the front panel adopts 4mm tempered glass, which can be explosion-proof , Anti-scratch, anti-scratch; Android and Windows dual backup operating system, support annotation writing function in any channel.

(2) Multimedia interaction, easy to realize smart teaching

It supports various multimedia teaching materials such as videos, music, pictures, ppt, and downloads massive teaching software and resources freely. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Teachers can get started quickly and the cost of learning is low.

(3) Anti-glare treatment of the display screen, anti-blue light and eye protection

Effectively filter the blue spectrum of harmful light sources, protect eyesight, surface anti-glare coating technology, slow reflection of light, prevent environmental reflections from affecting the viewing effect, support true 4K full HD image quality, pluggable integrated motherboard, In a limited after-sales maintenance environment, maintenance can be completed quickly, efficiently and quickly.

(4) Five-finger rest screen/lighting function

Through precise recognition of gestures in the display area, the backlight of the smart blackboard can be turned on/off, which is convenient to use.

(5) Touch control and display are integrated, with full bonding process

With up to 10 points of advanced nano-silver capacitive touch technology, it can be used by multiple people at the same time. It adopts full-fitting technology and has a viewing angle of close to 178 degrees, which greatly improves the viewing effect (side view) of students outside the classroom.

Product dimensions


Installation Notes

The product scheme adopts two installation methods, which are divided into wall-mounted and mobile cart bracket (need to be customized).

If wall-mounted installation is adopted, the distance from the ground is required to be 0.95 meters and the wall bearing capacity can be stably fixed to the wall mount. Please refer to the attached installation diagram. If using a mobile stand cart, please consult our company or the equipment vendor when purchasing.

Other details:

1: It is recommended to use the wall-mounted installation method, which saves space and is more convenient and quick to use.

2: The hook for wall-mounted installation is composed of 3 hardware lock accessories.

3: Considering the accurate alignment during installation, an adjustable anti-collision rubber strip is provided in the accessory bag to realize seamless splicing and fixing.

4: In order to strengthen the stability of the installation, an L-shaped hardware connector is provided in the accessory bag, which needs to be locked between the lower side and the wall.

5: Please check carefully with the installation and construction unit for all preparations for openings before the construction of the project to avoid repeated disassembly and assembly.

6: It is recommended to use hidden wiring for the peripheral connection line, which is beautiful and tidy while ensuring safe teaching in the classroom.


Product technical parameters

Android system hardware configuration

Motherboard core number

Dazzle as the MSD848 (8386) motherboard


Android 8.0 embedded system

Central Processing (CPU)

ARM A53 dual core + ARM A73 dual core 1.5GHz

Operating memory (RAM)

2 GB

System memory (ROM)

16 GB

Button, mainboard input/output interface configuration

Front button

Front 8 physical shortcut buttons (7 function buttons + 1 switch button)

USB input

5 channels [including front type A USB2.0*3, front USB3.0*1, onboard type A USB2.0*1]

USB output

2 channels (including the front 1 channel square For front HDMI Touch out, onboard 1 channel A type For HDMI1 and HDMI2 Touch out)

Network input

Ø 1 way RJ45 Ethernet interface (IN)

Ø 3 external Wi-Fi antennas(Including standard 5G hotspot and 2 WiFi antennas

Audio output

Ø 1 channel earphone

Ø 1 channel digital coaxial

Centralized control interface

1 RS232 

Video input

Ø 1ch VGA IN

Ø 3 HDMI IN (including 1 front)
Ø 1 channel YPbPr (Mini 3 in 1)

Audio input

Ø 1 channel AV stereo

Ø 1 PC-VGA input
Ø 1 front analog MIC input (optional)

TV input

1 way (75Ω IEC standard F type)

Display characteristics

Product number







(Depending on the type of LCD glass used, this brightness value is for reference only!)





Physical resolution

H3840*V2160 (4K)

Display color

10Bit, 16.7M

Viewing angle

H/V: 178/178 degrees

Service life

≧ 120000 hours

Display protection

4mm tempered explosion-proof and anti-glare glass

Whole machine electrical performance/structure size

Overall dimensions (optional)

L4200 * H1232 * W89 mm

Display size

82 inch

85 inch

86 inch

Net weight of motherboard bare metal (KG)

87 Kg

93 Kg

93 Kg

Gross weight of main board (KG)




Net weight of sub-board bare metal (KG)

37 Kg

37 Kg

37 Kg

Gross weight of auxiliary board (KG)

46 Kg

46 Kg

46 Kg

Gross weight of auxiliary board (KG)

10 Kg

(With HD booth)

Splicing dual-screen writing blackboard + all-in-one main screen

Gross weight of wall mount (KG)

Support wall-mounted installation / mobile bracket cart two ways

Carton packing size

Motherboard packaging size

L2143*H1367*W240 mm

Sub-board packaging size

L1380*H1231*W268 mm

Wall mount package size

L1500*H140*W140   mm

Speaker power


power input

AC 160~240V 50/60Hz

Total power


Standby power

0.5 W

Touch module characteristics

Touch embedding method

Built-in integrated (full bonding process)

Touch sensing technology

Capacitive projected

Writing characteristics

The blackboard surface supports chalk, fountain pen, dust-free chalk, liquid fountain pen writing

Response time


Recognition points

10 O'Clock

Touch resolution

H32768 * V32768

Control characteristics

Support infrared remote control

Support physical button control

Support full-featured OSD menu touch operation

Magnetic adsorption function (customer option)

Both sides of the blackboard can be supported

OPS computer module parameter description

OPS module load output parameters

Size model

82~86 inches

OPS supply voltage

17V-21V DC

Rated output current


Peak output current


Rated load power


Support interface type

OPS-C 80-pin blind plug JAE interface that complies with Intel's open pluggable specification

Compatible chassis size

L196*W180*H33~42mm (recommended use height 42mm)

OPS output resolution Maximum support 3840*2160p@30Hz output

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