Is led display or projector used for meeting room display?

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With the popularity of LED display products, many enterprises and government departments will usually install a meeting room to assist the use of meetings. When LED displays were not so popular, most meeting rooms used projectors. What's the difference between the two? Which is better?

1. Screen size

According to the size of the conference room, the LED display can be arbitrarily selected, or can be bent or face to face, to ensure that the screen can be seen clearly from far to near, so as to achieve better viewing effect, and the screen will not deform when playing video or content on the computer. But the size of the projector is relatively simple, especially in some large conference halls, the size and shape of the curtain can not meet the requirements of everyone to see clearly.

2. Brightness and contrast are different

LED display has high brightness and contrast, brightness can be adjusted. So when the screen is displayed, even if the light is turned on in the room, the sunlight can be displayed normally, and the light and dark contrast is very strong, so the whole screen feels very good.

When we look at the projector, the color of the whole picture will be lighter and the painting feeling is not very clear. Generally, we need to turn off the lights or close the curtains, so the display effect will be better. The main reason is that its brightness and contrast are too low.

3. Different resolution

The resolution of LED display can reach 4K or even 8K on a single screen, so it can meet most of the current mainstream film sources. Video and pictures can be displayed, and the effect is the best. For example, some 4K movies, 3840 * 2160 resolution pictures and so on. However, the resolution of the projector is relatively low, which can not reach the high definition display standard.

4. Show diversity

Due to the seamless splicing of LED display screen, it can be used as a large picture or display multiple small pictures. Only through software control, different areas can display different contents on the computer. By controlling the computer, it can be randomly distributed, so that multiple pictures on the computer can be displayed on the screen at the same time. Especially when some data are compared, it is very practical.

The projector can only display one picture, and the display function is relatively simple.

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