The difference between educational all in one machine and projector

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1. Display projection: when using the projector for teaching, the adaptability of the projector to light is poor. In class, the curtain should be closed to reduce the brightness of the classroom, so that students can see the projection clearly. The use of all-in-one education machine optimizes the display of the display screen under different light intensities. It has optical anti blue light and anti glare functions, which can block harmful blue light and protect students' eyesight. The anti glare function can adapt to the light and present the picture.

2. Intelligent writing: when using the projector, it needs to be used with the computer, audio and other equipment. If the teacher wants to write directly on the courseware, he has to input through a specific positioning pen or keyboard, which is very inconvenient. The education all-in-one machine has the function of intelligent writing. Teachers can annotate, modify and erase the teaching content directly on the screen by hand or touch pen, which saves a lot of time and is very efficient.

3. Class quality: the interest and interaction of class often determine the quality level of a class. When using the projector to teach, teachers often teach in the same way in class, and rarely interact with students. The lack of interest and interaction in the classroom also affects the students' learning effect. In view of this part of the demand, education all-in-one machine has rich teaching resources and question bank. When preparing lessons, teachers can make full use of these resources, and can also use the question bank to ask questions in class, so that students can think and answer, and their interest and interaction in class will be enhanced.

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