Current situation and future development trend of LCD advertising machine industry

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LCD advertising machine has powerful intelligent function. Through the remote server control software, the information transmission and display terminals are connected together to complete the information release and advertising. Diversified display styles support audio and video, pictures, text, animation, weather, small plug-ins and other materials. LCD advertising machine has changed the passive communication mode of traditional advertising, through rich content and gorgeous dynamic pictures to attract consumers to actively browse and interact, to achieve intelligent human-computer interaction, public service and information dissemination.

It is precisely because LCD advertising can meet the needs of media companies and businesses, meet the interests of consumers, advertising machines occupy a large share of the advertising market. Especially in recent years, with the popularity of information technology and the Internet, the demand for LCD advertising machine is gradually increasing, and the manufacturing industry has focused on the display device. Manufacturers and brands swarmed out overnight, and the market competition became increasingly fierce. Coupled with the impact of this year's global epidemic, many manufacturers lack their own technological innovation and are difficult to maintain. LCD raw material costs rise, the price war between brands makes it difficult for manufacturers to face this situation. So, what is the future development trend of LCD advertising machine industry?

1. High definition intelligent

With the continuous maturity of technology, advertising machine is also gradually moving towards high-definition intelligent. Now most of the LCD screens on the market can achieve high-definition effect, but there are some resource decoding restrictions, which can not give full play to the advantages of LCD advertising machine screen. But from the current technical trend, it is inevitable that LCD advertising machine will move towards high-definition digital.

2. Outdoor advertising machine

Compared with foreign countries, the domestic outdoor advertising started late, the current outdoor space resources and demand is low, the development is slow. In recent years, there has been a breakthrough in outdoor advertising, the use of outdoor advertising machine is more and more. Therefore, in outdoor advertising products, there will be higher technical requirements to meet the needs of outdoor publicity, and breakthroughs will be made in dustproof, lightning protection, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, heat dissipation and constant temperature technology.

3. Professional pertinence

At present, outdoor advertisements include posters, billboards, wall mounted advertisements, advertising light boxes, etc. This kind of advertisement can no longer meet the needs of customers. In the era of big data, product segmentation, brand and user orientation, advertising needs to be refined and targeted to better create value.


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