The advantages of intelligent interactive blackboard

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Intelligent interactive blackboard is easy to switch between chalk writing and multimedia application. The same area can be used to write with chalk normally, and can also be used to watch a variety of rich multimedia applications, such as PPT, video, pictures, animation, etc. Hand touch, like an ordinary blackboard, really combines the traditional blackboard writing and information technology.

1. Nano touch technology

The nano touch film is the core component, which is composed of LCD, high-speed host and related anti-interference components. The nano touch blackboard not only has a black and smooth surface, but also has the characteristics of dust-proof, waterproof, anti violence and vision protection. It supports 20 point touch, which can meet the needs of multi person interaction at the same time, and realize the breakthrough and innovation of intelligent interactive teaching equipment.

2. Highly integrated and integrated design

It covers all functions of common blackboard, projector, computer TV, electronic whiteboard and audio. The front display is an ordinary blackboard composed of three pieces, which can be written with various pens and chalk as needed.

3. Add nano composite coating to protect the eyesight of teachers and students

High light filtering technology filters out 80% of the light sources harmful to the eyes, making the picture softer and effectively protecting the eyesight of teachers and students; 2. Form surface anti glare technology, which will not form reflection image on the surface, will not affect the visual image, and the visual angle is 178; The surface of the blackboard is resistant to writing. Writing with water chalk will permanently damage the blackboard surface.

4. Rich software resources

Compatible with recording and broadcasting teaching system software, electronic whiteboard software, interactive teaching software and other multi-functional software. By touching the surface of the blackboard for interaction, simple and humanized interactive operation can organically connect people and interactive teaching content, so that teachers and students can have more classroom interaction, and help students deepen their memory and learning of knowledge.

5. Humanized product design

The product is equipped with common HDMI and VGA input interfaces, and the external input signal realizes the function of physical key to key switching, which greatly meets the user's choice of image source for external input device; The host adopts high-end configuration and plug-in structure to facilitate daily installation and maintenance.


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