All in one education machine makes knowledge boundless and helps inclusive education!

Release time:2021-05-19   Browse times:7324

In the past 40 years, the educational equipment in the classroom has experienced the upgrading of slide projector, projector, electronic whiteboard and educational all-in-one machine. Behind it, display technology and human-computer interaction technology are two important forces. The all-in-one education machine integrates projector, projection screen, electronic whiteboard, computer, audio, microphone and other equipment. With its powerful function, it increases the effective classroom interaction and greatly improves the quality of teaching. The all-in-one education machine can not only improve the quality of local teaching classrooms, but also share high-quality teaching resources in remote and backward areas, so that there is no boundary for learning, which is conducive to inclusive education.

In order to synchronize high-quality teaching resources to remote and backward areas stably, smoothly and efficiently, we need not only strong network support, but also test the system performance of all-in-one teaching machine.

Black gold industry continuously innovates digital information technology, deepens the core business scene of education, and develops all-in-one education machine, which really accelerates the digital transformation of education industry. I believe that in the near future, all students will be able to easily obtain the best learning resources and make learning truly borderless.


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