The difference between conference and education machine

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With the wide application of education integrated machine and intelligent conference panel (Conference integrated machine) in education, conference, training, government, enterprise, business and other fields, many people have been puzzled. Many times, some people confuse the conference machine and the education one machine, and they can not distinguish the difference between them, and even some people think of them as a kind of equipment. It's not. Both of them are different in application, design, operating system and software.

The integrated machine is also called "intelligent conference panel", which is a new generation of intelligent conference equipment. The conference integrated machine is integrated with projector, curtain, electronic whiteboard, audio, computer and telephone conference terminal. It has many functions, such as interactive intelligent whiteboard, interactive document demonstration, split screen telephone conference, multi terminal wireless transmission screen, network multimedia playback, etc. It is mainly used in the conference office, education and training of the organs, enterprises and institutions.

Integrated education machine: also known as "integrated multimedia teaching machine", it integrates multi-functional interactive teaching equipment such as infrared touch technology, teaching software, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat panel display technology, and integrates projector, projection screen, electronic whiteboard, computer, electric vision, touch screen and other equipment, The traditional display terminal is upgraded to a full-function human-computer interaction device. Through this product, users can realize writing, annotation, painting, multimedia entertainment and computer operation. If you open the device directly, you can easily carry out wonderful interactive courses.

1. different hardware configuration (operating system)

(1) The smart conference tablet itself is equipped with Android system, which is equivalent to a "big flat panel". Simple operation, smooth and easy to use, meet the basic requirements of the meeting, and work easily; At the same time, you can purchase OPS module, and select windows system to meet the requirements of professional video conference or windows system proprietary application.

(2) Considering the characteristics of the education industry, the education integrated machine is built by Windows system. In order to facilitate the teacher to prepare for the lesson, more teaching software is installed, which is equivalent to a touch "big computer".

2. different application scenarios

The requirements of different application scenarios are destined to develop into independent products, which is the most essential difference between the two.

(1) Intelligent conference panel is called conference artifact. As the name implies, the conference panel is an intelligent meeting panel specially designed for meeting scenes, which liberates the efficiency of the conference from the inside and helps the enterprise accelerate its growth; The publicity of government and enterprise image generally occurs in various conference rooms, office areas and large exhibition halls.

(2) The education integrated machine is used in schools, which usually appears in various training classrooms, which is suitable for the use of educational institutions.

3. different application software

(1) Intelligent conference platform is located in business conference, so its own software mainly focuses on meeting requirements, such as WPS office software, screen software, video conference software, etc. There are also many utilities around the meeting scene, such as timers, welcome interfaces, etc( 2) The education integration machine is oriented to education. The machine is equipped with intelligent teaching platform, children enlightenment comprehensive platform, interactive writing platform and other exclusive teaching application software. The teaching content includes children enlightenment, primary and secondary education, almost covering all the courses of language mathematics, physics and other subjects. It can also support the expansion of network teaching resources, simulation experiments, etc. The newly installed OPS computer module, with a large storage space of 128G 4G memory, supports the installation of more professional software and comprehensive service education.

4. different shape design

(1) Intelligent conference panel often represents the image of a company, so its design is more concise, fashionable, stable, full of sense of technology, and it also has its own atmosphere on the stage. Whether it is a variety of high-end meetings, office areas, or large exhibitions, the atmosphere is very strong, seize the audience.

(2) The education integrated machine is mainly in the classroom, and the needs of students should be considered in appearance. Generally, it is the vivid and colorful design to attract students' attention.

5. different manufacturing costs


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