How to choose conference all-in-one machine and projector

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For a long time in the past, the projector was the only device that could realize the super large display screen in the enterprise conference. Even though there were various shortcomings, it was the only choice for the enterprise conference at that time. Now with the rapid development of touch all-in-one machine, the function of conference tablet is constantly improving. At the same time, the way of holding a meeting has also changed a lot, and the collaborative meeting has replaced the traditional meeting. Now the conference machine of black gold industry is constantly meeting the needs of the masses.

In the previous conference mode, we all projected the picture of the notebook computer onto the large screen, which required complicated wiring and the problem of not recognizing the interface. But now we don't need to be so complicated. The conference all-in-one machine can support unlimited screen casting function to ensure efficient conference. The super high definition image quality of conference all-in-one machine, the wireless projection screen, and the electronic whiteboard that can be written, these favorable factors can let more enterprises choose conference all-in-one machine.

Brightness. Although the brightness of the projector has been improved, in a bright environment, what the projector projects on the large screen can not be seen clearly, and the business meeting tablet can present higher brightness, so it is more popular with users.

Wireless projection is very common in the conference now. Some projection display can be realized with the help of wireless module, but many projectors do not support wireless projection. The conference all-in-one machine can quickly display the picture to the large screen, which is very practical.

Electronic whiteboard function, PPT, word or other formats of documents can be modified and annotated at will, can also support multi person writing, scanning code saving and other functions, which can make the meeting more simple and convenient.

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