Correct use of electronic whiteboard

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Now many students may be in different states in class, some students may be sleepy, some students are playing their own, but when the electronic whiteboard appears in people's vision, it has changed the mode of class. The electronic whiteboard is now used in combination with high-end teaching equipment and teachers.


Interactive electronic whiteboard is a new multi-media teaching tool which combines tradition with education. Its special technology can meet the development needs of course teaching. It can inherit the teaching advantages of ordinary blackboard and integrate the advantages of multi-media teaching. We can master the function of interactive whiteboard.

After the introduction of interactive whiteboard technology, the function integration of multimedia computer and blackboard can effectively make up for the shortage of multimedia, but there are also several outstanding functions

1. Demonstration function

2. Database function

3. Photo taking function

4. Searchlight function

5. Curtain function

These functions are particularly obvious, can make the electronic whiteboard can be used more widely, easy to adapt to the development of the times.


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