Application fields of touch all in one machine

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Touch all-in-one machine is a touch product that integrates touch screen, network, computer, multimedia and other functions. Its application promotes the application of education, business and other aspects, improves the market share in the industry, and meets the needs of various industries in many aspects. The application fields of touch all-in-one machine are as follows:

1. Education

It is widely used in education. It is widely used by schools and training institutions. Touch all-in-one machine can effectively communicate with students, activate the classroom atmosphere, and enable students to concentrate in the classroom.

2. Business

It is mainly used in meetings, such as remote meeting, wireless projection, meeting discussion, recording meeting details, etc., so that the meeting can be carried out effectively.

3. National Defense

It is mainly used in military training, sand table deduction, long-distance command, long-distance discussion and other aspects, which is conducive to military application.

4. Hotel

It mainly displays hotel information for customers. Customers can query information by touching the all-in-one machine.

5. Medical treatment

By touching the all-in-one machine, we can simply self-service query, and then patients can quickly find the corresponding department for treatment, which can improve the efficiency of doctors.

6. Shopping malls

You can find out where you want to go and relieve the congestion of shopping malls.

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