Educational platform UNT 3.0V

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ELECTRONIC DIGITAL RESOURCES: Educational platform (software. Universal, trilingual (in Kazakh, Russian and English, respectively) educational platform, consisting of an interactive e-learning course for

inclusive and distance education, as well as a set of virtual labs and high school simulators. The educational platform consists of various lessons, tests, tasks, as well as electronic tasks for virtual laboratory work. The purpose of the study is to support the mastery of a certain course (chapter) of the subject in order to improve the quality of knowledge

students. The teaching material meets the needs of the course, which organizes and supports the learning process. There is the possibility of both online and offline learning without the Internet. Includes lessons for grades 6-11 in biology. Provides the opportunity to take a test to prepare for the UNT in 3 main and 2 elective subjects. Allows high school students to know which

university and specialty they can enter, based on their UNT scores. Information is also provided on the number of allocated grants by specialty and their codes. Built-in specialized software allows the school administration to see their teachers and students; see the results and answers of students; teachers can see

Have the students watched the video lessons? teachers can add their own COP / COP and tests using the constructor function; create a video conference to maintain communication between students; share presentations / materials, use the conference function to create video conferences with schoolchildren; chat available; a raise hand function is available so that the student can ask

question to the teacher screen sharing to share presentations; statistics, thanks to which the teacher can know which of the students were present at the conference and who talked for how many minutes; providing audio and video communications. Provides cross-platform compatibility across various operating systems (iOS, Android, MS Windows, etc.), allowing

use various devices in the educational process.

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